CPU Silicone Grease Thermal Grease for Computer

CPU Silicone Grease Thermal Grease for Computer

Model No.︰JRFT-GM280

Brand Name︰Karefonte

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 kg

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Product Description

JRFT-GM280 thermal grease has excellent thermal conductivity, good stability, and has a good wettability on the copper, aluminum surface. Due to the viscosity lower energy sufficient wetting contact surface to form very low the interface thermal resistance, which can rapidly will transfer to the radiating heat device, high efficiency of heat transfer.

1.Between semiconductor and  radiating film
2.Between CPU and radiator
3.Between the resistor and the base
4.Thermoelectric cooling device
5.Temperature regulator and a mounting surface


1KG/ 2KG/ 4KG/ jar

Storage conditions:
Stored in a cool and dry place, seal placed

Performance and Advantage:
Thermal conductivity : 1.2W/m-k
Thermal impedance :0.06-in/W
Extremely low thermal resistance , better transmission heat

Complete wetting contact surface, improving the heat dissipation effect
Safety and environmental protection, through the RoHS certification
High thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and use stability, good high and low temperature resistant performance.
Water resistance, not curing, metal material on contact without corrosion (copper, aluminum, steel);
Extremely low volatile loss, not dry, not melt, good adaptability and large temperature range (- 50
+ 250 );
Non-toxic, tasteless, no corrosion, and chemical and physical properties of stability.

Price Terms︰ FOB/CIF

Payment Terms︰ TT/Western Union / Paypal / MoneyGram

Packing︰ 1kg

Lead Time︰ After payment 1-3payment

Standards Certificate︰ ISO9001 , RoHS , REACH

Color︰ grey/white/black

Size︰ 1kg/jar

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