Wholesale Insulating Silicone Cap Thermal Silica Cap TO-3P Transistors Cap

Wholesale Insulating Silicone Cap Thermal Silica Cap TO-3P Transistors Cap

Model No.︰TO-3P

Brand Name︰Karefonte

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.05 / pc

Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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Product Description

Silicone caps, generally refers to the TO-220 / TO-3P encapsulation silicone caps, based on silicone as a substrate through a special process to produce sleeve shape products. Because of its excellent thermal conductive, insulation, shockproof and easy assembly and other characteristics, are widely used in heat transistors, diodes, transistors. Mounted directly  on the heat pipe when using. Thermal silicone  caps are recommended for low-pressure place.

Feature :

High thermal conductivity (0.6~1.5w) high withstand 6kv AC voltage, UL94-V0 flame retardant rating, smooth, good surface mount performance, conforms to the requirements of environmental protection

Application :

Fever transistor, diode, triode

Switching power supply

Uninterruptible power supply equipment

Heat sink  and the heat diffusion film

Automobile electronic equipment  heat dissipation

Power amplification device for heat dissipation insulation

Other application need to heat dissipation or insulation

Specifications :

Thermal Cap: TO-220A TO-220B TO-220C TO-3PA TO-3PB TO-3PC etc.

Price Terms︰ FOB/CIF

Payment Terms︰ TT / Western Union / Paypal / MoneyGram

Packing︰ box

Lead Time︰ after payment 1-3 working days

Standards Certificate︰ ISO9001,RoHS, REACH

Color︰ grey

Size︰ TO-3P

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