Thermal Conductive Silicon Pad Thermal Gap Filler Pad For Led

Thermal Conductive Silicon Pad Thermal Gap Filler Pad For Led

Model No.︰PM300

Brand Name︰Karefonte

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.05 / pc

Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

1.Car engine module, notebook computer
2.Flat panel TV, mobile equipment, high-speed hard disk drive
3.Between semiconductor and radiating fin
4.Desktop, portable computer and server
5.LED lighting device, the power supply of UPS
6.LED and PDP flat panel display

◆High thermal conductivity:3.2W/m-k
◆Stable Performance, low thermal resistance, effectively improve the heat transfer speed
◆Low hardness, its viscosity high, easy to use

◆Standard size:310mm*310mm, 200mm*400mm according to customer needs cut the shape
◆Basic thickness:0.25mm*5.0mm, special size and thickness can be customized
Its slightly viscous, if need to strengthen the adhesive can be according to customer’s requirement
◆Product color is mass production color, need special color can be adjusted according to the actual situation 

Price Terms︰ FOB/CIF

Payment Terms︰ TT / Paypal / Western Union / MoneyGram

Packing︰ box

Lead Time︰ After payment 1-3 working days

Standards Certificate︰ ISO 9001 , RoHS , REACH

Color︰ Hoar / Blue / Black

Size︰ 200mm*400mm 310mm*310mm( customized)

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