High Quality Al2O3 Insulation Alumina Ceramic For Kitchen Ventilator

High Quality Al2O3 Insulation Alumina Ceramic For Kitchen Ventilator

Model No.︰TC-025

Brand Name︰Karefonte

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

Alumina  Ceramic

Alumina ceramic is Al2O3 as main raw material, in the rare metal oxide as flux, special ceramic piece after one thousand degrees high temperature roasting into. 
Al2O3 ceramic alumina content is high, the structure is relatively compact, with special properties, it is known as the special ceramics. The Al2O3. ceramic materials are densely arranged six party structure for oxygen ion and aluminum ion, filled in 2/3 with eight sides in the gap, which is the same with natural corundum stable alpha Al2O3 structure, so the ceramics with high melting point, high hardness, good wear - resistance. 

1.High hardness 
2. Extremely abrasive resistance performance 
3. Light weight 
4.Wide scope of application


Physical properties:high insulation resistance, breakdown, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, high strength (three meters altitude fall not broken) 
Fire rating: USA military standard MIL-F-51058 (the highest level) 
Typical application: strong current, voltage, strong high temperature parts, IC MOS, IGBT power tube heat pipe insulation 
Certification:natural organic matter, the European Union, exempt products without certification materials 
Thermal conductivity:high temperature: 1600 degrees below the ideal heat insulating material of high voltage and high frequency equipment 

Alumina ceramic is mainly used in large power equipment, IC MOS tube, IGBT chip heat conducting insulation, high frequency power supply, communication, mechanical equipment, strong current, high voltage, high temperature and other thermal heat insulation parts need products. 
Physical properties: high thermal conductivity, high voltage insulation resistance, high temperature resistant, abrasion resistant, high strength

Product  specifications:

Regular size and models : 
The TO-220, 1mm*13mm*19mm 
The TO-3 P, 1mm*20mm*25mm 
The TO-264, 1mm*22mm*28mm 
The T0-247, 0.635mm*17mm*22mm 
Other non-standard products can provide drawings of custom processing

Price Terms︰ EXW / CIF

Payment Terms︰ TT / Western Union / Paypal / MoneyGram

Packing︰ box

Lead Time︰ 25~30 days

Standards Certificate︰ ISO 9001, RoHS, REACH

Color︰ white

Size︰ customize

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