Thermal Alumina Ceramic Insualtion Ceramic For IGBT/ Heat Sink

Thermal Alumina Ceramic Insualtion Ceramic For IGBT/ Heat Sink

Model No.︰TO-025

Brand Name︰Karefonte

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.6 / pc

Minimum Order︰30 pc

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Product Description


2.Extremely good wear-resisting performance 
3.Light weight 
4.Wide scope of application 
5.High density 



high hardness

high mechanical strength

dimensional stability (specific stiffness)

resistance to wear

resistance to corrosion (resistance to chemical attack)

weathering resistance

high working temperature

low or high thermal conductivity

good electrical insulation

dielectric and ferroelectric properties


IC MOS tube, IGBT chip heat conducting insulation, high frequency power supply, communication, mechanical equipment, strong current, high voltage, high temperature and other thermal heat insulation parts need products.


conventional lattice sizes
TO-220, 1mm*14mm*20mm
TO-3 P,  1mm*20mm*25mm
TO-264, 1mm*22mm*28mm
TO-247, 1mm*17mm*22mm
Other non-standard products can provide drawings of custom processing

Price Terms︰ FOB/CIF

Payment Terms︰ TT/ Western Union / Paypal / MoneyGram

Packing︰ box

Lead Time︰ After payment 1-3 working days

Standards Certificate︰ ISO9001 , RoHS

Color︰ white

Size︰ customized

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