LED Transparent Thermal Encapsulant / Electronic Silicone Sealant

LED Transparent Thermal Encapsulant / Electronic Silicone Sealant

Model No.︰JRF-BM800

Brand Name︰Karefonte

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰10 kg

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Product Description

Thermal Silicone Encapsulants

The thermal conductive encapsulants two-component add molding organic silicone sealant, use imported organic silicone material as the main body, select the polymer materials as fillers, manufactured elaborately electronic potting glue, glue viscosity is divided into high, middle, low three type, color also can be optional according to customer's demand, and has heat conducting , flame retardant, bonding, sealing, waterproof, potting and encapsulation properties, do what customers think, supply for customer requirements.

[Two component silicone sealant features]

1.Operational time: at room temperature, operation time within 240 minutes, especially for the use of automatic production line, improve the work efficiency and save production cost;

2.Easy to operate: choose artificial sizing or mechanical sizing; without use additional primer coating.

3.Bonding material widely: can be applied to PC (Poly-carbonate), ABS, PP, PVC etc. other materials and the surface of metal.

4.With excellent electrical properties :  excellent insulating performance , thermal conductivity , heat dissipation , anti-shock , corona resistance , anti-electric leakage and chemical mediator resistance performance  , so for electronics , electrical appliances and other products can provide protection ,sealing and insulation functions.

5.Temperature resistant performance : high and low temperature resistance , good ageing resistance.

6.After curing in the wide temperature range (60 ~ 200 ) to keep the rubber elasticity.

7.Flexible glue film : no shrinkage during curing , excellent toughness of the elastomer is formed after curing, absorb vibration and shock , good impact resistance, good cushioning effect , for electronics ,electrical appliances , glass and other fragile products , to provide excellent resistance to shocks and reliability.

8.Strong weather resistance : anti - ultraviolet radiation, aging resistance ,anti - ozone , moisture proof ,waterproof, resist to salt atmosphere ,mold etc., can work in the harsh natural environment .


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Color︰ Transparent

Size︰ 25kg/barrel

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