IP65 Waterproof Membrane Black Acoustic Membrane For Smart Phone / Loudspeaker

IP65 Waterproof Membrane Black Acoustic Membrane For Smart Phone / Loudspeaker

Model No.︰GF300

Brand Name︰Karefonte

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

Waterproof membrane
E-PTFE is a new type waterproof breathable material, waterproof breathable membrane has three major functions:
1. Waterproof: 0.1~1.0μm micropore, bore diameter is 10000 times smaller than drop of water, make the water cannot pass it, thereby protect the sensitive element, avoid liquid erosion, improve the service life of product.
2. Breathable: micropore diameter is 700 times as big as vapour, meanwhile of waterproof, air can pass it effectively, reach a radiation effect, prevent product inwall generate fog, balance the pressure of inside and outside
3. Dustproof: Microporous channel in the membrane forming a mesh three-dimensional structure, Homogeneous dense microporous distribution make dust encounter obstacles, then reach a dustproof effect, Can capture the smallest particles of 0.1 microns.

Main functions
1: Stop water, salt and other corrosive liquid effectively, make the equipment sensitive parts exposed to outdoor safely.
2: After contact with water, oil and other liquid can recover quickly.
3:At the same time of waterproof and dustproof, dense uniform pore distribution in can stop dust effectively, protection grade: IP65~IP67.
4: Balance pressure, prevent the sealing parts of the surrounding air and water into the body, to protect seal integrity.
5: Protect components is not affected by the weather, can withstand the soaking water and other liquids.
6. Make protected parts is easy to clean, not affected by the influence of the corrosive pollutants, ensure parts performance and service life.
7. Uv radiation, with a strong chemical inertness, resistance to temperature extremes.
8. Thin and light, good concealment, bring convenience for design and production, is the most ideal products waterproof breathable.

Physical Properties

IP grade: IP65~IP68  

Membrane Characteristics: Waterproof, breathable

Operating Temperature: -40to 125  

Water Entry Pressure: 350 mbar(5psi )for 60 seconds


1.ECU                      2.Interphone  

3.Monitor                 4.Car lighting  

5.Trumpet                6.Electric razor  

7.Telephone            8.Electric toothbrush  

9.LED lighting         10.Photovoltaic solar products

can be customized.

Price Terms︰ FOB / CIF

Payment Terms︰ TT 、Paypal 、Western Union

Packing︰ Box

Lead Time︰ 4~6 working days

Standards Certificate︰ ISO 900 , RoHS

Color︰ Black

Size︰ Customize

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