TO-247(17x22mm) IGBT Insulator Ceramic Substrate AlN Ceramic Plate

 TO-247(17x22mm) IGBT Insulator Ceramic Substrate AlN Ceramic Plate

Model No.︰TC-027

Brand Name︰Karefonte

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.75 / pc

Minimum Order︰50 pc

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Product Description

Aluminum Nitride (AlN) is a ceramic material with outstanding properties such as high thermal conductivity and high electrical resistance. In addition, it is featured with advantages such as high hardness, corrosion resistant, low dielectric loss and low CTE. It is widely used in the LED, semiconductor, electronics, electrical and other industries.


High hardness, diversity,   high precision and density;

High reliability and stability,  high thermal conductivity;

Extremely abrasive resistance performance.


Application :

high-power circuits, RF and microwave circuits, LED,

Al evaporation pan, MHD power generation equipment.



17x22mm ( 0.635 / 1.0 mm )


Other Big Sheet Regular Dimensions

0.38mm*114mm*114mm,    0.5mm*114mm*114mm

0.635mm*114mm*114mm,  1mm*114mm*114mm

1.0mm*120mm*120mm,      0.5mm*120mm*120mm

0.635mm*120mm*120mm   1.5mm*120mm*120mm

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Packing︰ box

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Standards Certificate︰ ISO 9001 , RoHS , REACH

Color︰ grey

Size︰ 17x22mm (0.635/1.0 T)

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